Diet & Meal Plans

How to Select a Healthy Meal Plan

Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or live a healthier lifestyle, constructing a diet meal plan ahead of time can be a good way to ensure that your goals are met.

Tips for creating a healthy meal plan

Before considering which foods you would like to add and cut out of your diet, there are a few important factors to consider.

  • Try not to cut any of the major food groups out of your diet. However, if you are creating a vegetarian diet plan, make sure that you are aware of the nutrients that you are cutting out of your diet by no longer eating meat. Three common deficiencies found in vegetarian diets include iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Be sure that you are substituting alternatives into your diet that are rich in these nutrients.
  • Do not make any drastic changes to your eating habits. Instead, ease your way into your new nutritional diet plan. Many individuals often give up on their healthy meal plan because the changes are unrealistic and too drastic. Try to start with healthier substitutes to a couple of items that you normally consume and gradually make larger changes.
  • Diet & Meal Plans
  • Moderation is important. Instead of labelling certain foods as "off limits", try to think in terms of smaller portion sizes. It is unrealistic to cut certain items out of your menu entirely. Allowing yourself to have a treat every now and then will also increase the likelihood that you will stick to your new plan.
  • Collect diet recipes ahead of time. If you have healthy options readily available, you are less likely to turn to quicker, less healthy alternatives. In addition, try to find diet recipes that include a listing of nutrients. This will make it easier for you to monitor what you are consuming.
  • Try to avoid cutting protein out of your diet. If you are creating a vegetarian diet plan, be sure to include substitutes that are rich in protein, such as beans, nuts and soy products. Protein is an essential part of any diet because it is an important component for maintaining cells, tissues and organs.